IM2C has a well-prepared team with vast experience

We would like to introduce to you our company “Integrated Mechanical Material Corrosion Services (IM2C)”. We are a strong team comprising senior engineers, research scientists, professors, and senior materials engineering advisors, with a combined experience of hundreds of years in materials R&D and management and coordination of projects.

Our particular interest is in the properties and performance of materials in service environments. Our experience covers materials selection for corrosive environments, fracture mechanics, welding, and research on hydrogen effects on steels, with special focus on materials in the oil & gas and pipeline industries. We offer sound experience in project performance and management for a wide range of major national and international companies.

IM2C experts have been invited in many countries to provide professional training services for companies in the oil and gas and other industries to assist in managing and training personnel. We have worked with various institutions, government and federal agencies, and private companies throughout our career.


IM2C will participate and give training course to :

International Conference on
Oil and Gas-Singapore


IM2C courses have wealth of knowledge and provides unique experience and solutions through interactive and practical approach to career advancement, meeting all levels and professionally. IM2C International is very active and providing consulting services in oil and gas services in addition to various fields, including a number of disciplines i.e.: Nuclear, Mining, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, etc.
The whole company training program is based on meticulous and useful research for the industry, in line with the fast-changing global market.